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Here are some links to information on the Muscle Shoals music scene.

Alabama Music Hall of Fame It is hard to believe the number of people from Alabama that made a mark in the music industry. I have visited the AMHOF twice now and have enjoyed it very much. If you are in the area be sure to stop by and if you live here and have not seen the Hall of Fame, shame on you. David Johnson is doing a great job, stop by and see him sometime. Of course you know he recorded "Lynyrd Skynyrd" long before anyone else.
F.A.M.E. Recording Studio Link to their web page.
David Hood Official Web Site David's excellent site with history and other information on the bass foundation of the MSSRS.
Would you like to listen to David play that bass? He is currently a member of the Muscle Shoals band "The Decoys" and you can hear them on their "My Space" site, "The Real Decoys".
Jimmy Johnson Official Web Site Jimmy is the rhythm of the "Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section". Jimmy's site in heavy in Flash which my give you some problems opening the page. I can not open it on all of my computers. But it is an excellent site if you can get to it. Be sure to check out his discography that list a lot of the projects he has worked on, amazing!
Eddie Hinton on Zane Records A great artist who was there in the beginning and played guitar on many of the hits that came out of Muscle Shoals. We lost him way too soon!
NPR on the Muscle Shoals Sound A good article on the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound with highlights on some of the artists that recorded here.

The Muscle Shoals Sound Museum

From 1969 to 1979 the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio was located at 3614 Jackson Highway, Sheffield AL. Today the building, inside and out, has been restored and is a functioning studio again. But, that is not all, it is also a museum where visitors can experience what it was like to be there when many of the Muscle Shoals hits were recorded. The owner, Noel Webster, has listed the museum on the National Register of Historic Places. I have gone through the tour and found it to be VERY informative. Check it out and ask Noel why the building is able to produce such a great sound.

Wikipedia's Article on MSSS This is a nice article with a number of links to other articles that cover the Muscle Shoals music industry very well.
Shoals Chamber of Commence Check out what's happening in the Shoals area.

Please send me any links that you know of that deal with Muscle Shoals Music using my "comment page". Thanks!

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