People and Places of Muscle Shoals

Here I have highlighted artists and places that are special to me. Let's take a look at those who recorded music in Muscle Shoals and the studios in which they recorded. Some will be home town artists and some will be from other places but recorded in Muscle Shoals. For a more complete list of artists who graced our fair city go to the "Recorded Artist" page.


People and Places of Muscle Shoals
The Muscle Shoals Sound came from the blending of these (4) top musicians as they practiced their craft. Jimmy Johnson (Rhythm Guitar), David Hood (Bass), Roger Hawkins (Drums) and Barry Beckett (Keyboard) were not only the creators of the sound; they also co-owned the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.
Delbert is in a music class all his own. I love his music and when the M.S.R.S. is backing him up there is NO BETTER music ever recorded.
A number of the studios that are part of the history of Muscle Shoals Music have closed over the last 30 years but some are still going strong. I will take you on an outside tour of where they are today or where they were many years ago.
Winner of the 2007 Nashville Stars..
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