Other Features of DonWalker.net

I have other interests along with Muscle Shoals Hit Music and below you will find links to information about those interests. Some of these pages have been posted online for a number of years and I have received many good comments from visitors, so I have decided to keep them posted and I will also be adding more.


My Other Interests
What band took the same song into the top ten two different times? They are the greatest surf band in history and have been recording and playing live concerts since 1959. You may not know the answer but it is The Ventures and the song was "Walk, Don't Run".
Are you into computers? In a computer you can draw, paint and build any kind of images. Here you will find some tutorials on using a program called "Paint Shop Pro".
Music and Computers
The computer was made to do music. I used to listen to music on a stereo system but now my computer has taken the place of the HiFi stereo system. I would like to share some of the things I do in music with my computer. I think you will be surprised.


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