Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section

I am talking about the tightest playing studio band that was ever recorded on tape. Not only did these guys play the music but they also owned the studio called "Muscle Shoals Sound". I challenge you to compare the tight sound of this awesome band with any others. I have done this and the M.S.R.S. won hands down. I am a musician and when I listen to a song I hear the music, the blending of the instruments, the chords and most of all the bass licks. Since I play bass my enjoyment of a song comes through the pulsating of a tuff bass player like David Hood. A song without a good bass is like a house without a firm foundation, it will collapse.

Who makes up the M.S.R.S.?

David Hood - Bass  
Jimmy Johnson - Rhythm  
Barry Beckett - Keyboard  
Roger Hawkins - Drums  

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