How I Purchase CDs

I have learned that Amazon is the easiest way to purchase CDs and if you will buy used CDs you can save a lot of money. Just remember that the shipping on used CDs is a constant $2.50 and the prices can vary from .01 to whatever. I have purchased CDs that I love to listen to for $2.51 and received them in less then 2 weeks.

The secret is to search for your CD and then select the link that says "XX new and used available from $0.00" with XX being the number of CDs available and $0.00 being the lowest cost. (See Above)

As you can tell from the image above the cheapest CD will cost $12.84 compared to Amazon's price of $21.98. Also you will notice that the CD is new and will be shipped from Florida U.S.A. Most of the cheapest are used but I these sellers will not sell you a CD that will not play because they do not want bad feedback from you. I have had VERY good experiences when I did have a problem. One time I ordered two of the same CD and one of the sellers let me return it for a full refund.

I find it to be an advantage to listen to a sample of the tracks before I purchase the CD. Amazon has that feature on their site as you can see in the image above. I do not get money from Amazon for sending you to their site. I only recommend them because I have had great service from them in the past.

If I can help you in your venture to collect this fine Muscle Shoals music then drop me a line using this link. "Contact Me"


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