HELP on Using My Site

Let's begin with a look at the construction of the page. There are (2) major area on the page. (1-Blue) This is the Banner, Menu and Navigation Bar area. (2-Red) This the Content Area which changes to display your selection that you made from the Menu or the Nav Bar. The advantage of a frame built page is that your Menu and Nav Bar never changes or moves but stays in the same place with the same content. (See illustration below)

Beware that some selections you make will open a new browser window and in that window the content you wish to view. A good illustration of this is links to other web pages.

Below is a chart listing the (8) major site divisions and their content which will display in the "Content Area" (Red above) . These are only the major divisions, under them you will find more sub-pages that give you more content on the major division subject. When you enter a Major Division page you will see a table like below that contains a list and content of the sub-pages of the Major Division page. The left column contains the links to sub-pages.

Major Divisions
Home (This Page)
On this page you will find miscellaneous information about the web site, our purpose for being on the web and an introductory statement.
A Timeline of what has happened in Muscle Shoals dealing with music for the last 50 years.
Informaion about the music.
Information about the artists.
Information on people and places in Muscle Shoals.
Your gateway to information on Muscle Shoals music that spans the World Wide Web.
Information not related to Muscle Shoals Music.
The page you are not on that will teach you how to get the most from your visit to "Muscle Shoals Hit Music".



For navigation on the site there are (2) menus that you can use.

Top Menu - (Non-Java)
The top menu's content does not change as you move through the web site. This menu is there to give you a quick way to jump from one major division to another and to allow visitors who's web browser does not support Java to be able to navigate the site. (See illustration below)

To select an option on the Top Menu move your mouse over the options and press the Left Mouse Button. Notice that the top menu contains the (8) Major Page Divisions.


Left Menu - (Java)
This is your main way to navigate the site. The complete site is represented in this Java Script menu. (See below for use instructions)


Using frames can be a little tough to learn at first but in the end you have a more robust site because (1) you have the same menu and options visible at all times, (2) you can open any page at all times, and (3) your main content is always in the same place in your browser window.


Please let me know if any information on this page is in error by using my "comment page".

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