Below you will find tutorials dealing with computer graphics.  I use a super program called "Paint Shop Pro" to do all of my graphic work.  These tutorials will mainly be on PSP Versions 8 & 10.

In my tutorials I will insert short-cuts to commands, hints and special notes on what we are doing.  So please take note them as to go through the tutorials.  I will also give you a overview before each tutorial.  I suggest that you read these before you start so you will have the big picture before we get to the details.  Also this will give you something to do will the images are downloading.  Also, as we go through a tutorial I my omit a detail if we have already covered it previously in the tutorial. I hope you enjoy doing these tutorials and that you have fun learning different tricks in using PSP (Paint Shop Pro).


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Stained Glass Collage

In this tutorial we will build a collage of different pictures in a frame with seam lines between them that looks like a stained glass.

To begin click on the image to the right.

Push Button

In this tutorial we will build an image that has a number of 3D effects.  You will use some 14 different PSP tools to create the image to the right.  I did not go into as much detail on this tutorial as I did on the Stained Glass Collage.  All steps are here but I omitted pictures of the program's interface.  It is a fun project and I enjoyed building the tutorial even thought it took me around 8 hours to finish it.

To begin click on the image to the right.

Bar Interface

In this tutorial we will build an image that can be posted on a web site as an interface for navigation.  You will learn how to use over 20 PSP tools and create a number of 3D effects.

To begin click on the image to the right.

New tutorial coming - Together we will create an image of an aircraft window like the one you have set by many times.  Outside we will be looking at some jets flying along side and in the distance you can see an aircraft carrier.  Should be fun and I do have a twist at the end.

Coming Soon - Please check back




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