Angela Hacker

ANGELA HACKER the "2007 Nashville STAR" - Each year the USA television network program “Nashville Star” spends a lot of time and money to find the person with the greatest gift of talent in our nation, the United States of America. This year that search paid off in a big way as they choose Angela Hacker of my hometown, that’s right, Muscle Shoals, AL. After 8 weeks and thousands of contestants, Angela came out on top because of one big reason, she is loaded with talent. She has a voice that makes any song sound like a number one hit. She not only sings the songs but she can write as well. She performed her original song “Total Loss” during the show and I am sure her composition helped her momentum on the way to the top. Did you hear the voice control? She uses her voice like a blues guitar. This is still not the total package that I observed as she took the stage and hearts of those who saw her perform. I saw a seasoned performer with a stage presence that demanded your full attention. In this humbled writer’s opinion the other contestants did not stand a chance. The only other performer that came close was Angela’s brother, Zac Hacker.

Zac is very talented as well and will go far in the music realm. He can belt out a song with feeling that let’s you know that the talent is in the blood that runs through his whole family. He plays a mean guitar and can write with best of them.

Be sure to check out Angela and Zac’s "My Space" pages so you can hear what I am raving about. Also, on April 3, 2007 Angela’s first CD was released for sale at Wal-Mart stores and online at I-Tunes. For a special treat to those who live in my hometown, Muscle Shoals, AL, we got to meet Angela at our local Wal-Mart store as she was meeting her fans and signing autographs. (Yes, I was there.)

I am very encouraged by the new artists that are coming out of the Muscle Shoals area. We all know that it was the “Muscle Shoals Sound” that made this area very popular in the past decades. Angela and Zac are recording some songs that I would class not country but Rhythm and Blues with a touch of the "Muscle Shoals Sound". It is my hope that they stay true to that genre and give us music that we can bite our teeth into. I love a song with great diverse instrumentation that showcases the studio musician’s talent. That is what I am hearing in Angela and Zac’s music.

Examples: Angela’s song “If I Ever Stopped Trying” has a super bass line that truly adds to the song. Check out the lead guitar work on the introduction of Zac’s track “Get Your Love On”. And also, listen to his voice as it is laid on top of the guitar intro. This is the best new music I have heard in many years. Let’s give them our support through purchasing their music and going to their concerts. “You Rock”!

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